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Sometimes we crave something different for our home interiors, something a bit special on the walls, or furniture and soft furnishings which is just not run of the mill.

When there are untold paintings and wall art options to choose from not to mention the unfathomable number of websites selling furnishings, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

If you have a space in mind and you start your search online, you find yourself trawling through page after page of websites, and become blind to what you are seeing. Option paralysis sets in and you find it impossible to make a decision. You have no idea of size, and it becomes hard to visualise what it’ll look like in the room.

You might chance upon something in a gallery, an impulse purchase. You fall head over heels in love with it, then find yourself adapting the space to suit the art. That’s cool! it can work.

Customised Artwork

Imagine though, if you could work with an artist to help to create the ideal piece of original art for your home.

Buying bespoke means getting the exact size of painting you want. It also means finding the right framing solutions that will coordinate alongside the rest of the interior.

You can dictate that theme, it might be to evoke emotion, a portrait of a loved one for example, or simply a colour scheme that will match your interior. You can see the range of styles I offer by viewing the original art currently for sale, as well as the limited edition prints.

You can choose the medium, I specialise in oil on canvas and watercolour, but there are a myriad of other options including pencil or charcoal, screen print or pen and ink.

…..Or you can leave it entirely to me. The cost to commission a painting is more reasonable than you think with prices starting at £200.00 for an original oil.


Case Study

My Client was decorating their dining room and wanted some wall art to complement the interior styling. They had seen the koi carp paintings I had done previously and decided to commission one for themselves. This allowed for the dimensions of the painting to fit perfectly on the dedicated wall. The colours were matched with the deep blue walls.

We deliberated about the types of paintings my client wanted elsewhere in the room. I had experimented with some more Koi artwork, but we were concerned the whole room might seem a little themed. They had fallen in love with some of the animal in clothes paintings. So we opted for a rabbit and a fox. The frame solutions were very different from the Koi, this needed to complement the theme of this painting. We actually obtained the molding samples from the framer along with the mount to make sure they worked well with the wall colours.


The room was quite dark and so I introduced some cushions that were from my collection, to compliment both the koi and the rabbit.


Artwork on Soft Furnishings and Furniture

The artwork doesn’t need to stay on the walls, I am now able to produce cushions based upon my paintings and have also recently partnered with a specialist digital fabric printer and upholsterer to offer a bespoke furniture service, whereby the artwork is reproduced onto specialist velvets suitable for use on furniture.

So you can imagine pairing your painting with your furniture and cushions.


Case Study

My Client fell in love with the peacock and white tiger footstool. The design on this was based upon an original painting, which now hangs at Holmleigh Manor Guest House as part of a permanent collection. In order to achieve the design for the footstool I deconstructed the elements of the painting, along with another to create a mural like design that wraps around the barrel footstool. They loved the colours used which also matched with some other furniture in their open plan living room.

My client had an antique ornate pew, that had been left uncovered for many years, so we decided together that we would reupholster the pew, using a piece of custom designed fabric that would be based on the design of the footstool. The result was outstanding.



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